The Best Tools For React Native Developers In 2020

react native developers

React is one of the best known JavaScript libraries created and maintained by Facebook. It is currently used in the development of portable and web applications that can be accomplished through executive positions. React uses a virtual DOM.

React is used to build a sophisticated user interface by providing an approach to segmenting the user interface into various segments, So code reuse can be effectively utilized using react development, Also, Using JSX syntax we can write HTML within JavaScript, this can speed up the development.

So let’s start the discussion of the best tools for react native developers.

React developer tools

The React developer tool is one of the most popular tools created by the Facebook team; it allows us to inspect the react components directly. It also allows us to see the position of each component.

By integrating this extension with Chrome’s tabs and adding them to the development tools in the Profile Generator tab, We will be able to measure the performance of the components.

React Bootstrap

Bootstrap is another popular CSS library, and it helps us to create a more responsive and beautiful user interface for our web applications. React Bootstrap was created to be compatible with React; in addition, the tool is also compatible with Bootstrap 4.

React Redux

Redux state management is a tool used for web applications. They are built to react with libraries and are made up of angular components. Each component will have its position; We can pass status information from one element to another.As the application progresses, it will be difficult to maintain position information going between the various components to each other. The device will act as a central store containing status information that can be shared with any component within the application.

React Example

React Example is an online platform that help us to share react components with other developers. We can find and use any component; You can preview, edit them directly on your site, and then select them if it suits your needs.

React extension pack for visual studio code

Visual Studio Code is one of the best IDE when it comes to development. Specifically, when using JavaScript libraries, the react extension package is one of the extensions available in this editor, which is widely used to speed up development.

Moreover, JSON add code snippets for JavaScript development in ES6 syntax to quick search for node modules in our project.

React Material UI

React UI Material supports development in creating a great and responsive user interface design. It uses advanced front-end technologies and their components directly within the response code.

Why did you render tool

Why render it? It is a device made by well-built software to avoid lightning strikes on react components. With this tools, You can find out why the component tree in your react application was processed.

React Icon

React Icon is an online platform with an extensive collection of popular icons that you can use directly in your react project. It supports CS6 syntax; you can import these icons for your use.

Code Sandbox

Code Sandbox is an online IDE that can be easily customized in the development of your react app. this tool can be used in your browser; it provides a unique URL to share your project.

Stack Overflow is a forum where developers ask and solve issues for each other. Now we can use this tool to share the URL of a project in a forum that helps them to see and solve problems in their react development.

Create react app

The latest is the Create React App, created by Facebook, to set up a development environment for a new react project using different commands. You can easily create single-page applications with this tool that provide many functionalities.

The conclusion

So, guys, these are the best React Native tools that React native developers can use in development.

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